Friday, May 20, 2016

Me and Mads

Me and Madix got to go on a date to watch a dance show.  Loved spending time with my Madi Kai.  Sometimes it's hard being the middle child you get lost in the craziness.  But not much seems to bother Madix, love how easy going she is!

Cute Mads practicing the piano

Doing laundry

Where is Madix??

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tyler's field trip to the Grand Canyon

Tyler's first big field trip by herself (meaning without me).  We were both a little nervous but she did great and had so much fun.  The 4th grade took a 3 camping field trip to the Grand Canyon!

Lucky she had her best friend Morgan.

Sweet bus

My Ty Ty, all grown up and going on trips.  They had a great time seeing the Grand Canyon and all the fun little hikes they did.

On a side note, Meeka is starting to reach the end of her days and Tyler was so scared she was going to die while she was gone so she spent all day with Meeka.  (she didn't die:)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day family selfies

Dave got out our nice china and made an amazing dinner for me.
Filet w/ blue cheese, corn, asparagus, potatoes.  Everything was perfect!!

Tayte and Mads, my little princesses

Mads and her best friend Kalissa

Tayte and her best friend Gwen

We got to have a fun girls night out and take them to have dinner with Elsa!

Kindergaren Mothers day, it's the best!  They paint our nails, give us massages and treats, draw pictures of us and an awesome Mothers Day slide show.  My little Kindergartner....luv!

Taytes recycle project

Taytes field trip to see Peter Pan!  With her friend Olivia.

These do doing their laundry:)

A little date with Madix to go see a dance show!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Field Trips with Ty and Mads

Ty has done so good at playing the violin in fourth grade.

The 4th grade got to go and perform at the county fair!

They did awesome!

With 2 of her buddies, Keaton and Brayden

Me and Ty riding the rides!  It was such a fun field trip!

Then I went with Madix's class to the pueblo museum.
Not quite as fun, but loved being with my Madi Kai:)

Madix with her friend Victoria

Maid's 3rd grade class, with her teacher Mrs. Vree.

Mads and Gavin

Victoria is probably her best friend in her class this year.

Love my Madi Kai!!