Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fourth of July!

We LOVE summer time and our pool!! 

Our neighbors bought us this sweet new raft and left it on our door step for taking them to the lake!  The kids have so much fun with it in the pool.

Madix and one of her best friends Victoria

4th of July outfits:)

4th of July pie eating contest

Dave got back surgery!

June 28 Dave got back surgery! His back got so bad he couldn't even walk.  Got him in for a Laminectomy back surgery.  He's recovering great! 


Happy 41st Bday to this incredible man in our lives.  He is the best dad husband ever!  Look at that sexy man with all those adorable kids!  I am one lucky lady:)

The kids got a hover board and LOVE it.  Tyler said she never has to walk again:)

Look, even little Boo Dog can do it.