Thursday, June 2, 2016

Last Day of school for 2015-16

Mads with Leila and Quin

Water slides

Ty and Morgan

Group of 4th graders
Ty and Morgan in the back

Tayte throwing the ball at the dunk tank

Gwen, Tayte and Logan

Tayte and Amelia

HI, water in the face!

Keaton, Brayden Tyler and Morgan
Best Friends

Look at that awesome slide!

Snow cone time!
Madix, yay 3rd grade is over:)

Me and Alisa
with our cute girls

Saying goodbye to their 4th grade teacher Mrs. Leard

Then to Chucky Cheese!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

End of school year 2015/16 and Nix PS Program

This silly boy!!

And his best friends Sawyer
playing around at the gym.

Madix and her solar system project.
Good job Mads!!

5th annual sleep out on the trampoline, Nix actually got to join them this year.

And Dave wanted no part on the trampoline this year.
Comfy air mattress on the ground instead.  With movie on the patio wall.

End of school awards.
Tayte got the PE award for her grade!
Great job Tayte!!

Tayte and Mrs. Wilhite, her Kindergarten teacher.

Nix and Dev ready for their preschool program.

He did really good singing the songs and doing the actions.

Someone did NOT want to be in this group picture.

So they did it without Sawyer
Remi, Devin and Nixon

Sawyer, Devin, Remi and Nix

Good Job singing buddy!!

Preschool graduation certificate from his teacher, Miss Jessica

Nix and Gigi

He is always keeping us on our toes and driving us crazy but sure love this cute boy!